The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Honor the shield.

Action & Adventure Drama
English     7.732     2021     USA


Following the events of “Avengers: Endgame”, the Falcon, Sam Wilson and the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes team up in a global adventure that tests their abilities, and their patience.


MSB wrote:
FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is definitely a less enthusiastic, slower, more grounded series than its magical predecessor, but it accomplishes the main mission of bringing the audience closer to Sam and Bucky. The character-driven show features exceptional dialogues and terrific performances from its leads, but the supporting cast steals the spotlight on several occasions, especially Daniel Brühl. The "Black Captain America" narrative and the subplot involving John Walker and a deep exploration of Cap's mantle are undoubtedly the most compelling, well-developed arcs of the whole series, though I appreciated every second spent with Sam dealing with his family issues and Bucky with his amends. However, the Morgenthau-led Flag Smashers fail to become more than just misunderstood, annoying antagonists, while Sharon Carter just feels like a completely out-of-place, unnecessary marketing strategy. Kari Skogland tries to keep every episode at a high level of quality, ultimately struggling with pacing issues and balance of storylines. In the end, she succeeds in leaving the viewers more emotionally attached to the (new) main heroes." Rating: B-
Nathan wrote:
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was an enjoyable show to watch for the most part, but there are some glaring weaknesses. From a main hero that sympathizes with the villain over and over again, to an antagonist group that is not fleshed out and seems half baked. This show has some incredible shots and story arches with the new Captain America's downfall under the pressure of the world and the rise of The Falcon. **Verdict:** _Decent_
Martha wrote:
Anthony Mackie is brilliant bringing his character Falcon full circle to realize he was destined to be Captain America. Bucky Barnes is one of the best character redemption arcs in a comic book movie ever and Sebastian Stan was so freaking awesome. Throw in some Demo whom I need so much more of but know I sadly will not get, some of the Wakanda warriors, and a shocking twist on a good character going bad-ish and this show is exactly what Marvel fans ask for. It closes some loose ends but opens the way for so much more to come.