The deadliest film ever made.

95 min     5.9     2018     Canada


Rumored to have been lost, Antrum appears as a cursed film from the 1970s. Viewers are warned to proceed with caution. It’s said to be a story about a young boy and girl who enter the forest in an attempt to save the soul of their recently deceased pet. They journey to “The Antrum,” the very spot the devil landed after being cast out of heaven. There, the children begin to dig a hole to hell.


secondwatch wrote:
In my top five horror films for 2019.
Wiccaburr wrote:
The movie that kills This mockumentary was an interesting ride. The build up to the movie plays on the viewer's mind for something to be surreal and satanic. Once you get to the movie, it is the total opposite but still it keeps your attention. At least that what's the film suppose to do, it might not be the case for many who would find it boring or feel rather cheated about it. The movie overall takes you on a journey of a cursed film that can only be cursed to someone who believe it to be. What happens in the movie is only a mask of what is going on - The journey to hell. That said, Antrum is a movie that gives you some sense of supernatural and satanic ritual happening in the film between its visual and audio manipulation. It is worth seeing for yourself if this movie is truly cursed. Personally, it was something like Everything Is Terrible! Presents: The Great Satan (2017), whether you like it or'll be talking about it regardless.