The Scandinavian Atmosphere Is in All Six Episodes

TV-Shows Sci-Fi & Fantasy Mystery
Norwegian Bokmål     8.1     2020     Denmark


Ragnarok is a Norwegian-language fantasy drama series inspired by Norse mythology. The series takes place in the fictional town of Edda. Magne, whose mother gets a job in a local influential industrial company owned by wealthy local people who influence all spheres of life, moves there. Magne encounters an older woman who utters a prophecy and awakens supernatural powers in him. For a guy who is not used to drawing attention to himself, this becomes a big test, leading him on the path of realizing his essence. He also becomes interested in environmental changes, finding out that the Jutuls factories are the source of environmental pollution.

The series shows the rethinking of Scandinavian myths taking place against the backdrop of pressing environmental problems. Teenagers are in the center of the plot, so we get brief information on mythology's intricacies at the first school lesson that Magne attends. Also, each episode begins with mythological terms that carry clues about upcoming events.

The shooting took place in the city of Odda, so the series is diluted with shots of a beautiful fjord and stone ledge known as the Troll's tongue. Thanks to it, the Scandinavian atmosphere is felt in all six episodes of Ragnarok; however, the TV-show is extremely small for the story dedicated to Thor's personality.


Samantha wrote:

Attention, after the second series, there is a strong dependence! My highest recommendation.

Stella wrote:

The roundabout is very long. From about the 3rd episode, but worth it. Recommended for viewing!

Charla wrote:

Not bad. Excellent shooting, good immersion in the atmosphere. An exciting unglamorous Loki (which, however, has not been revealed enough). Yes, I would like more action. Hopefully, they will improve in the second season.