The Sea Beast

Hit the high seas.

Animation Adventure Family
115 min     7.697     2022     USA


The life of a legendary sea monster hunter is turned upside down when a young girl stows away on his ship.


MSB wrote:
MORE REVIEWS @ "The Sea Beast may follow familiar story beats, but Chris Williams still delivers one of the best animated movies of the year. The genuinely impressive animation stands out from the other technical elements, especially considering that virtually every scene includes water. Accompanied by an adventurous epic score, characters receive efficient, thought-provoking arcs, conveying essential life lessons about understanding other perspectives and shamelessly accepting changes in our personal opinion, in addition to the evident premise of not judging a book by its cover. Excellent voice work by the entire cast, namely Zaris-Angel Hator. Monster action is immensely entertaining for all types of viewers. Couldn't recommend it more for a family watch." Rating: B+