Night Shift

One day of police officers

Movies Drama
98 min     5.9     2020     France


Night Shift is a police drama, premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival. Although the film did not win any awards, Night Shift is worth watching.

The plot of the film tells about the Paris police officers who patrol the city every day. One day they have to go out on an unscheduled night shift to deliver the prisoner to the airport and back him to the border. The migrant does not speak a word of French, but on the way, police officers wonder whether the stranger should be deported using force.

With fluctuations between moral guidelines and compliance with the law, the storyline only serves to reinforce the circumstances in which the heroes find themselves. Night Shift shows three characters' personal lives who spend most of their lives at work for various reasons.

Night Patrol is a plain European story that shows the human side of police work.


SWITCH. wrote:
'Night Shift' is a fairly messy approach to what should otherwise be a very focused and minimalist film. Let down by wanting to cover too much - and not realising where the strengths of the film lie - results in an unfortunately forgetful and unsympathetic exploration. Whilst it's held together with expert acting and a fascinating premise, its full promise is never realised, and I can't help but think that the novel may be a better use of time. - Joel Kalkopf Read Joel's full article...