Bayoumi Fouad



Egyptian actor, Bayoumi Fouad was born in Cairo on June 16, 1965. He was part of the first class at the Center for Creative Arts and graduated from the Directing Department. Fouad got his start playing supporting roles in films including: “Ihki ya Scheherazade” (Sherazade, Tell Me a Story; 2009), “678” (2010) and “Asmaa” (2011). He also appeared in several television series such as: “Abwab El Khouf” (Gates of Fear; 2011), “Raqm Maghoul” (Unknown Number; 2012), and “Ism Mua’at” (Temporary Name; 2013). Fouad gained fame when he appeared the television series “El Kebir Awi,” which ran for four seasons (2010-2014). He is also well-known for his role in the series “Mawjet Hara” (Heatwave; 2013).