Taffana Dewi



Taffana Dewi is an Indonesian film and soap opera star born in Yogyakarta, July 31, 1974. Ana, as she is usually called, in the 1990s, often supports 'hot' films, such as Game Mysteries, Night Passion, Tempted Lust and Squeeze Sana Squeeze Here. Even so, the name was still passing through. CAREER A number of successful soap operas that also starred include the Blind From the Ghost Cave, Blood Blue, Singgasan Brahma Kumbara, Crown Mayangkara, Glass of Bengal, Blood and Love, Endless Love, and others. While for feature films, Mystery Games, Touched Love, Second Night's Passion, Aunt Sonya's Diary, and others. In her acting journey, the actress whose name soared and was famous through the soap opera Three Angels had never encountered a 'disaster'. When she was a guest for the special TV comedy Ala Trans TV's comedy show, the dress she wore sagged until her breasts burst out. It is said that this also helped make his name increasingly known to the public. Until now, this eclipse soap opera star often appeared starring in films and soap operas. Including the successful movie GIRL METROPOLIS.