Nina Quartero

New York City, New York, USA


From Wikipedia Nina Quartero (March 17, 1908 - November 23, 1985) was a motion picture actress from New York City, whose career spanned the years 1928 - 1943. Often she played supporting roles and sometimes a diversive love interest for the lead male actor. In One Stolen Night (1929) Quartero was cast with Betty Bronson and William Collier. The story concerns a British World War I soldier who comes to the assistance of an enslaved dancer. In Frozen River (1929) she was paired with Raymond McKee as the motion picture's romantic leads. Wonder dog Rin Tin Tin, is the most unlikely of heroes in the screen drama. In 1931 Quartero appeared in Arizona, an early John Wayne movie. Playing "Conchita," she is a source of strife in Wayne's relationship to the characters depicted by Laura La Plante and June Clyde. She performed again with Wayne in The Man from Monterey (1933). Her final screen performances show Quartero playing smaller parts, such as the role of a Cuban dancer in Torchy Blane In Panama (1938), a native dancer in Green Hell (1940) and a bar-girl in A Lady Takes A Chance (1943). Nina Quartero died in Woodland Hills, California in 1985.