The Conquering Power

Metro Pictures Corporation

Romance Drama
89 min     5.8     1921     USA


Young playboy Charles Grandet is sent to live with his miserly uncle after his father loses his fortune. He and his cousin Eugenie fall in love, but his uncle sends him away and tries to arrange a marriage more to his liking (and profit!). Will true love triumph?


CinemaSerf wrote:
Rather foppish "Charles" (Rudolph Valentino) is sent, with his pet poodle, to live with his Scrooge-like uncle "Pere" (Ralph Lewis) when his wealthy banker father manages to lose his fortune and commits suicide. On arrival in their comparatively squalid home, he falls for the daughter - his cousin "Eugénie" (Alice Terry) but the uncle is not having her married to a pauper, so he is despatched off to Martinique to grow tobacco... The story takes quite a familiar turn as he writes but the father intercepts his letters, both feel abandoned and get on with their lives - until she stumbles upon his un-opened letters in her father's study and a tragic contretemps ensues. It's all just a little too formulaic, but the performances especially from the beautiful and determined Terry, the much less manicured and frankly more handsome Valentino and Lewis as the venal uncle are engaging, and there is quite an enjoyable redemption scene at the conclusion with some efficient visual effects. A simple story but still well worth a watch, I'd say.