Riders of Destiny

A Great Western Star in a WHIRLWIND of ACTION!

Action Western
55 min     5.438     1933     USA


James Kincaid controls the local water supply and plans to do away with the other ranchers. Government agent Sandy Saunders arrives undercover to investigate Kincaid's land swindle scheme, and win the heart of one of his victims, Fay Denton.


CinemaSerf wrote:
Now you've just got to get past the Duke doing his best "Alan-a-Dale" at the start before he encounters a sheriff who has been shot (not a suicide attempt, despite the singing!). When he gets to town, he discovers the local landowners are struggling against "Kincaid" who is using his ownership of the water rights to try and squeeze the small-holders out. He befriends the "Denton" family and with the help of Cecilia Parker as the feisty "Fay" sets out to level the playing field a bit. It's a fair effort from all concerned, the budget limits the scope - particularly obvious single-camera work compromising the action scenes, but at only 55 minutes or so it makes for a perfectly watchable little western adventure.