Mascot Pictures

Crime Drama Romance
65 min     5.8     1935     USA


A Treasury agent (Donald Cook) gains the trust of a mob gunman while working under cover to smash a crime syndicate.


CinemaSerf wrote:
Donald Cook isn't quite George Raft in this Mascot Production, but turns in a decent performance as an FBI agent whose partner has been killed. He determines to infiltrate the numbers racketeers responsible at some considerable personal risk and bring the perpetrators to justice. Needless to say he doesn't get a smooth ride and we get an engaging, fast paced hour complete with the usual fisticuffs, Evelyn Knapp brings some "Olive Oyl" style glamour and veteran baddie Theodore von Eltz runs the game. The quality has borne up rather well, and the script isn't as wordy as many of this time/genre. Worth watching.