The Prisoner of Shark Island

Based on the life story of Dr. Samuel A. Mudd

Drama History
93 min     6.9     1936     USA


After healing the leg of the murderer John Wilkes Booth, responsible for the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, perpetrated on April 14, 1865, during a performance at Ford's Theatre in Washington; Dr. Samuel A. Mudd, considered part of the atrocious conspiracy, is sentenced to life imprisonment and sent to the sinister Shark Island Prison.


Steve wrote:
Don't know how I missed this one but it's a great thriller. From the title you'd never guess it's an historical drama about Dr. Samuel Mudd who infamously helped set Lincoln's killer's broken leg. The history goes from suspect to flat out wrong -- and it's almost pro-slavery -- but if you can look past that it's a hell of a tall tale. Warner Baxter is put through the ringer and he does very well in this a very physical role -- much more entertaining that his smiling lover roles he usually did. Also a standout is the lean, terrifying John Carridine. Not to be forgotten is some thrilling scenes in the prison. And, yes, there are sharks!