Hold That Ghost


Comedy Horror
86 min     6.941     1941     USA


Two bumbling service station attendants are left as the sole beneficiaries in a gangster's will. Their trip to claim their fortune is sidetracked when they are stranded in a haunted house along with several other strangers.


John Chard wrote:
Look, from now on, keep one eye on that candle, another eye on that one, and with the other eye watch me! Hold That Ghost is directed by Arthur Lubin and collectively written by Robert Lees, Frederic Rinaldo & John Grant. It stars Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Richard Carlson, Joan Davis, Mischa Auer, Evelyn Ankers, and Marc Lawrence. Music is by Hans J. Salter and cinematography by Elwood Bredell. This is the fourth film from Abbott and Costello and finds the boys back on form after a dip in quality with their previous film, In the Navy. Here they play a couple of inept gas station workers who through a bizarre coincidence inherit a gangster's will. This pitches them up at a haunted house, where strangers are in their midst and a host of spooky goings on gets in the way of finding a hidden stash of cash. One of their better efforts for sure, the gags fly off the tongues and the skits are still fresh and exciting. Strong support also helps the flow of things, while musical relief from the zaniness comes via the Andrews Sisters. Well constructed all round really, just keep your eyes on those candles for us! 8/10