Milk Money

You can't get enough of a good thing... But first you have to find it.

Comedy Romance
108 min     6.39     1994     USA


Three young boys pool their money and pay V, a kindhearted prostitute, to strip for them. Afterward, she drives them home to the suburbs -- but then her car breaks down. It's just as well, though, because a mobster named Waltzer is after her, and V realizes the suburbs are the perfect place to hide. But things get a lot more complicated when V falls in love with Tom, a single father who is unaware of her real profession.


Olivergbyrne wrote:
I don't think that film is too bad,of course it's not the most interesting film I ever saw but I don't think it was the point of that movie. The all film turns around Frank (nicely played by Michael Patrick),He never knew his mum because she died giving birth to him,OK just to say with a plot like that the film could have been a catastrophe but because the character of Frank was played well enough it did'nt. In other Family drama with that kind of story the kid is always moaning and crying because he dos'nt know his mum or dad but Frank look more curious than depressed,Is acting like a real kid would in that situation,It's a simple but good thing about that film. And there is V,I don't agree with the comments which said she was a prostitute with a heart of gold far from it,V is very lost and she have very low self esteem.I think Melanie Griffith was lovely as V and it was different from character she usually play. Nothing to say with Ed Harris,he did is best with very little to work with because we have to admit it that the Dad is a very flat and boring character. The character of Anne Heche was supposed to be comic it was'nt instead you were wondering what the hell she was doing in that movie,the same go for Malcolm Mcdowell. the film turns around the relationship between V and Frank which is well played by both Mickael and Melanie. Of course their is some annoying scenes with Frank's Friends and Heche/Macdowell but I think the film is what it was meant to be, a heart warming family film and I had quite a relaxing one hours and a half watching it.
Wuchak wrote:
_**Doesn’t deserve the bad rap**_ In the Ohio suburb of Middleton three boys gather their ‘milk money’ so they go to the nearby city, Cincinnati, and see a prostitute naked. One of the boys, Frank (Michael Patrick Carter), befriends the woman (Melanie Griffith) and wants her to meet his single dad (Ed Harris), a teacher who’s trying to save the nearby wetlands. Malcolm McDowell is on hand as a heavy while Anne Heche appears as a kept woman in the city. "Milk Money" (1994) is a modern day fairy tale that’s part pubescent coming-of-age dramedy and part romantic-comedy. Critics reviled it, obviously because the subject matter made it an easy target but it has a lot of heart once you look beyond the prostitution component. For instance, Frank really just wants a caring mother, as well as a wife for his lonely, workaholic father who needs a good woman to rock his mundane world. The question is, can a call girl possibly be a ‘good woman’? In other words, is there redemption for a soiled sex worker and what is the key to that redemption? Not only is love the answer it’s also the element necessary for bringing out submerged love in the one being redeemed. There’s also a lesson about objectifying a woman. The boys only see the prostitute as an object to appease their curiosity and blossoming lust, but soon discover she’s a human being with feelings and value beyond her body. Even more, the woman clearly wants OUT of the empty, repugnant lifestyle she fell into since she was 14; she craves love, wholesomeness and respect. Say what you will, but these are some heavy morals for a farce about some boys wanting to become men, a nice father concerned about the condemned wetlands and a pretty sex worker. The film runs 1 hour, 47 minutes, and was shot in Cincinnati, Ohio, including the Wheeler house and the school, while the ice cream parlor & town scenes were done in Lebanon, about a 20 minute drive northeast of the city. Some shots were also done in Pittsburgh. GRADE: B-