Some Love Stories... Live Forever

Drama Romance
216 min     6.987     2000     India


At a prestigious all-male university, three friends seek love outside of the school grounds; at the same time, a newly-hired music teacher seeks to befriend and loosen up the militantly strict headmaster.


TheTenth wrote:
Gurukul university is know for its excellency. Her dean Narayan Shankar (Amtabh Bachchan) has very strict rules though : you must commit to your studieswith no distractions, especially love. When new students Karan (Jimmy Shergill), Sameer (Jugal Hansraj) and Vikram "Vicky" (Uday Chopra) enter, they have dreams of great success in life. When out of the school for errands, they meet Kiran (Preeti Jhangiani), Sanjana (Kim Sharma) and Ishika (Shamita Shetty) and start developing feelings for them. But Kiran tells the others of the story of the "sad poet". Once a student in Gurukul, he fell in love with a girl, they got along very well, but she was Narayan's daughter and when he heard about that, he fired the young man without even seeing him, and when fired from Gurukul, you can never find a place in another university. So they have no choice but get on with the studies. One day, a new professor comes, Raj Aryan Malhotra (Shah Rukh Khan), he wants to teach music, and at first Narayan refuses, but gives him his chance to teach music if he finds enough students. But Raj is not here to only bring back love in the students' hearts, he has some unfinished business with Gurukul This is a romantic/drama, but in the Bollywood way, there are lots of funny moments. The story is both the developing love stories of the new students, and the story of Raj (and also Kake - Anupam Kher in a very funny role). It's very impressive how they fit 4 love stories and an opposition of character in the same movie. Acting is astounding by SRK and Bachchan, and strong from the newcomers. The dance numbers and songs are so great too. Very recommended.
badelf wrote: