The Death and Life of Bobby Z

To live a life of his own, he has to die first.

Drama Action Thriller
97 min     6.2     2007     Germany


A DEA agent provides former Marine Tim Kearney with a way out of his prison sentence: impersonate Bobby Z, a recently deceased drug dealer, in a hostage switch with a crime lord. When the negotiations go awry, Kearney flees, with Z's son in tow.


The Movie Mob wrote:
**The Life and Death of Bobby Z was a bad 2007 B movie that has not much to offer besides a reminder of how fantastic Paul Walker was.** The Life and Death of Bobby Z was a story of swapped identities with a horrible soundtrack, lousy directing, a confusing plot, and a cast with some excellent actors trying to make it all work. I would say it’s surprising that even with actors like Laurence Fishburne and Olivia Wilde, a movie could be this bad, but it was 2007, and this movie felt VERY 2000s. It tried to be serious with Point Break influence but also tried to be a little goofy and charming. Unfortunately, it did not pull it off, and the outrageous soundtrack didn’t help with the more serious tones. It was nice to see Paul Walker doing his thing, though.