Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

This time they're running from the joint.

Comedy Adventure
101 min     6.282     2008     USA


Having satisfied their urge for White Castle, Harold and Kumar jump on a plane to catch up with Harold's love interest, who's headed for the Netherlands. But the pair must change their plans when Kumar is accused of being a terrorist. Rob Corddry also stars in this wild comedy sequel that follows the hapless stoners' misadventures as they try to avoid being captured by the Department of Homeland Security.


Kamurai wrote:
Decent watch, could watch again, and can recommend. It definitely doesn't stand alone, you've got to see the first movie for this one to have enough context for the situation. It is nice that they shuffled the structure around a little, giving Kumar the love interest instead of Harold, but he's still the "problem causer" in the pair. This turns into more abuse humor focused on Harold, even more than the first movie. Where the first movie had a much more passive antagonist and it was more of situational adversity, this has the U.S. Government as an active antagonist. This makes it political and a little less fun, but more importantly it about them running FROM something as opposed to running TO something. While this formula is a little less fun by structure, they managed to up the ridiculousness of the situations from the first movie. I honestly think they just did everything they thought they couldn't get away with in the original. I can easily say this is just as good as the original, which feels rare in movies.