Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Gordon never gives up.

Drama Crime
133 min     6.1     2010     USA


As the global economy teeters on the brink of disaster, a young Wall Street trader partners with disgraced former Wall Street corporate raider Gordon Gekko on a two tiered mission: To alert the financial community to the coming doom, and to find out who was responsible for the death of the young trader's mentor.


Andres Gomez wrote:
Fun and a smart way of taking advantage of 2007's NINJA crisis. The cast is quite good, but not much more to say ...
CinemaSerf wrote:
Yes, but why...? Why make a sequel? It was never going to be as good, as cutting edge and raw as the first film. Is it just to prove that in the intervening 20-odd years nothing has really changed? The world is just as venal and full of greedy gits? Anyway, the newly released "Gekko" (Michael Douglas) takes the young "Jake" (Shia LaBeouf) - who is dating his estranged daughter "Winnie" (Carey Mulligan) under his wing. Ostensibly on the straight and narrow now, but soon we sense - and see - that this young man is every bit as gullible and easily led as "Gekko" sets about rebuilding something of his multi-million dollar empire. To be fair to LaBeouf, his portrayal of the young man trying to balance the needs of his relationship with his ambitions is actually quite reasonable, but sadly both Douglas and the writing have lost much of their potency and the on/off familial stuff just drags the already quite weak pace down all too often. I actually found the ending quite fitting - but for the most part this is a very, very, poor cousin of a much better story that I feel probably cinema could have done without.