The Wolverine

When he's most vulnerable, he's most dangerous.

Action Science Fiction Adventure
126 min     6.4     2013     USA


Wolverine faces his ultimate nemesis - and tests of his physical, emotional, and mortal limits - in a life-changing voyage to modern-day Japan.


zerolimit wrote:
I am a big fan of The Volverine movies but this one didn't have to much in it! I even watch it again to see if I miss anything. I would say this is a good movie to watch when you have some free time not a MUST watch movie! still a good one at it!
loraco wrote:
I was also a little disappointed. Especially the giant samurai suite raised question marks. I wonder what will happen next since Wolverine's claws are cut off. Dr. Green (alias Viper) reminds me of Poison Ivy (Batman). Somehow I didn't like that. Yukio, the red head, is cool tho.
Andres Gomez wrote:
Seeing Hugh Jackman as the wolverine is always a pleasure but this one is not thrilling at all. Just skip it unless you are a real fan.
Per Gunnar Jonsson wrote:
This is definitely a good and entertaining movie. For me however, it falls short of being great due to a couple of things that I really did not like. Be warned that the rest of this review contains a few spoilers if you have not watched the movie before reading this. The movie begins quite well. I liked Wolverine getting into that bar taking revenge on the idiot hunting bears with poisoned darts. Then it did not continue so well. My main issue is that they screw with Wolverines healing powers really early on in the movie so that he is handicapped for a good chunk of it. I really did not like that. Now this does not stop there from being quite a few cool action sequences. The fight sequence on the Japanese bullet train was quite cool although a wee bit too drawn out perhaps. Eventually he manages to get his powers back although the happiness does not last very long. In the final combat they actually deprive Wolverine of his adamantium claws and it doesn’t look like he gets those back. What the f… is that? Sure, he regrows his original bone claws but that is not the same thing. Wolverine should have his adamantium claws, full stop. This is something I really dislike with a lot of Hollywood producers and directors now. They feel that they have to create some shock effect by destroying icons and constants in the world of movie fantasy. Like blowing up the Enterprise over and over again. I just hate it and for me this is the one thing that really stops this from being a great movie. Either they somehow give him back his proper claws or they can just as well make a reboot as far as I am concerned. It is quite sad that they, I will not say ruined but at least, diminished the movie in this way. Otherwise it would have been a great movie. It has a lot of nice action, a not too bad script and Hugh Jackman is very good as Wolverine. Actually the only one I thought was somewhat si so is Dr Green who’s acting is rather pathetic. All in all a good and entertaining movie that could have been a lot better if it was not for the Hollywood dimwits who felt they had to put something shocking in it and screwed it up.
StevenGarcia wrote:
Finally! A movie worth of one of the most iconic Marvel characters of all time! X-Men 3 was good, but this one was the most legit one.
AndrewMartinez wrote:
What would you give to be mortal again? Well, this movie gives the opportunity for Logan to be mortal. Spectacular fight scenes, much better than X-men Origins was.
KennethRobinson wrote:
EXTREMELY BAD-ASS! A mix between modern technology, Marvel fantasy, and ancient Japanese mythology. Any Marvel fans will be thrilled to see this movie!
GeorgeClark wrote:
Solid 10/10 rating. Fight scenes were fast-paced, well-shot, and felt very real! A straightforward dramatic film!
KevinRodriguez1 wrote:
Hugh Jackman always nails it with his adaptation for Wolverine. I will feel very sad when the time comes that he will have to retire to being Wolverine.
BrianLewis wrote:
I don’t understand the hate some people have with this movie. For me, it was a pretty decent film. It ain't perfect, but still, it was pretty good.
EdwardLee wrote:
This movie is really violent for a PG-13. And they don't hold back with this one. It is really on the edge and that is what makes it pretty awesome.
RonaldWalker wrote:
I am disappointed with this one. It has plot holes all over the place, the script was poorly written, and it just got away with Jackman's superb acting. Maybe next time.
TimothyHall wrote:
Wolverine was finally given the attention that he deserves. After the disappointing movie that was Origins, I think they redeemed it with this one. Awesome portrayal and character-focused.
JasonAllen1 wrote:
As an adaptation of the Japanese mini-series, I think this one is pretty good for a Wolverine-based movie. Also, if you haven’t watched it yet, stay longer in the theater for the post-credit scenes. One of the best so far!
RyanHernandez wrote:
The Wolverine was a fascinating take on the iconic mutant and how his past converged with his present. The action scenes were savage and vicious, gritty and almost dark.
GaryWright wrote:
Wolverine, but gritty and more human than mutant! This movie showed the toll of immortality, and the price you are willing to pay for one to take it away.
EricHill wrote:
It was a fascinating film, and if you have seen Logan, you'll be able to see that it is like a prelude for it.
JonathanGreen wrote:
It has evaded many red flags for it to be considered as a PG-13 movie, and honestly, kids should not watch it as it is not suitable for them.