Young Justice

Don't call them sidekicks.

Animation Sci-Fi & Fantasy Action & Adventure
English     8.465     2010     USA


Teenage superheroes strive to prove themselves as members of the Justice League.


DallasBob wrote:
Who knew the SJW-ism was infecting DC even back then? I can say this with all honesty, DC can eat a d____k!!! They turn Aqualad, the black teen male and newly appointed Aquaman, gay. It wasn't bad enough they made him blonde (something that is not possible for a black man), and blue-eyed, no. "Let's make him gay for no reason in the next series." And not only that, they have his "boyfriend" being the very guy his ex-heterosexual girlfriend had, to replace Aqua-lad, to be his boyfriend. So she dies(couldn't name the episode where that happens), and her new boyfriend and "Aquaman" hook up in a homosexual relationship!?! I hazzard a guess because of equally shared sorrow of her loss??? Really!??! Seriously? DC really thought this was going to be cool?? The series never really gained it's feet. Because of things like the forementioned, none of the characters' stories ever really gets told, because the overall story has a course NO ONE at the production company could nail down. You want to see some progression, but all you really learn is that "there is grave peril just around the bend." And that's it. This should be Young Justice, but it's "The Justice League & Too Many Younger Superheroes to Count". This show had potential, but something devastating was obviously happening behind the cameras and ink pens of the artists. 'Nuff said.