Sniper: The White Raven

On the battlefield, one bullet can change everything.

Drama Action War
120 min     7.636     2022     Ukraine


Mykola is an eccentric pacifist who wants to be useful to humanity. When the war begins at Donbass, Mykola’s naive world is collapsing as the militants kill his pregnant wife and burn his home to the ground. Recovered, he makes a cardinal decision and gets enlisted in a sniper company. Having met his wife’s killers, he emotionally breaks down and arranges “sniper terror” for the enemy. He’s saved from a senseless death by his instructor who himself gets mortally wounded. The death of a friend leaves a “scar” and Mykola is ready to sacrifice his life.


MovieGuys wrote:
One sided, that how I'd describe Sniper: the White Raven. Lets start with the positive, this film has a basic but solid story, its well acted, action scenes are compelling and visuals are polished. That said, its also only presenting one side of a two sided conflict between Russia, the break away Ukraine republics, who Russia's government supports and the Ukrainian government. I get it, this is a pro Ukraine film but this fact should be kept in mind, when watching. In summary, moderately well done but it needs be said there is more than one side to any story.