Big Hero 6

Walt Disney Pictures

Adventure Family Animation
102 min     7.747     2014     USA


A special bond develops between plus-sized inflatable robot Baymax, and prodigy Hiro Hamada, who team up with a group of friends to form a band of high-tech heroes.


StevenGarcia wrote:
One of the best animated movies that I have seen so far. Fun story, cool characters and a lot of emotions. Hands down to Disney and Marvel for creating this masterpiece of a movie.
AndrewMartinez wrote:
Heartwarming and funny! Watching a connection between humans and a robot who can actually coexist triggered my imaginative side and taught me the value of genuine friendship. True friendship might come hard but this movie showed me a bond through thick and thin.
KennethRobinson wrote:
I will say this, Big Hero 6 is definitely worth watching! If you love Disney and Marvel, then this film is definitely for you. The tandem between the main character and robot is phenomenal and the bond between them made the core of this movie.
GeorgeClark wrote:
This movie appeals to all ages! It didn’t feel forced for me and it entertained me through and through. The Disney magic still lives on!
KevinRodriguez1 wrote:
BAYMAX!!! I would pay a lot of bucks just to hug that adorable and lovable robot! This film is not just a kiddie movie, but has an emotional take that os perfect for both kids and adults alike!
BrianLewis wrote:
Honestly, I never thought I would see the day a movie made by Disney based on Marvel Comics will happen. And I’m glad they did! It is a fantastic film for everyone, and Baymax is one of the most entertaining characters that I saw.
EdwardLee wrote:
Simply amazing! The relationship between Hiro, the main character, and Baymax, the robotic nurse his brother left him, was special and entertaining. A great film, one of the best.
RonaldWalker wrote:
The movie has a way that teaches you life lessons even though it was an animated movie. A lot of human emotions were involved in this one, and I gotta admit, I maybe cried a little.
TimothyHall wrote:
Honestly, I just got forced watching this movie by my child, and I’m glad I did. This movie appeals to all ages. It combines this one amazing animation, writing and a set of characters that are full of personalities that will make you love them a lot!
JasonAllen1 wrote:
Big Hero 6, a film where I can say, that went to my list of most loved animated films! The way it tugs at the hearts of everyone, and not just targeted to the kids, made it pretty awesome. And honestly, we just loved the movie because of Baymax, come on!
RyanHernandez wrote:
Tadashi was a brother I never had. He's been a very important character in this movie, and it was so smart of him to build Baymax.
GaryWright wrote:
This movie taught me the essence of confidence and perseverance. If you put your heart and mind into something, things are possible.
EricHill wrote:
ADORABLE! How could a giant white robot with an expressionless face make someone feel better? Sometimes, presence is all that matters.
JonathanGreen wrote:
Smartness overload! The technology and talents of all the characters were beyond my comprehension. GENIUS!
r96sk wrote:
Cool animated superhero film, one that I think is good. There are moments I like about 'Big Hero 6' and moments I don't like quite as much. I'll start with the positive parts. The animation is excellent, as is the music (nice song from Fall Out Boy). It also has a fair amount of heart, not as much as the film intends to add but still more than most. Now for the lesser things; that aren't bad per se, just not as well done in my opinion. The plot doesn't feel like anything too refreshing, I feel it's a story I've mostly seen elsewhere; in a few areas it kinda reminded me of the sorta stuff you'd see in a Scooby Doo episode, at least in terms of the twists and/or antagonists. I, also, don't love the design for Baymax - making a character with no facial expressions or true emotion always makes it harder to get attached to them. I do like his purpose, mind. As for the cast, they're decent just not memorable to me. Ryan Potter and Daniel Henney are solid as Hiro and Tadashi, I enjoy their bond together. I'm struggling to remember any of the others though. All in all, a good film - it's just missing a couple of things that would've made it greater.