The Innocents

Mer Film AS

Thriller Horror Drama
117 min     7     2021     Denmark


Four children become friends during the summer holidays, and out of sight of the adults they discover they have hidden powers. While exploring their newfound abilities in the nearby forests and playgrounds, their innocent play takes a dark turn and strange things begin to happen.


Chris Sawin wrote:
_The Innocents_ taps into that boredom you’re faced when you were younger when there was no one to play with and you didn’t know what to do with yourself. The Ida character toys with doing darker things and being a curious tomboy that bites off more than she can chew on most occasions. And while it doesn’t execute everything to its fullest potential, _The Innocents_ is a gradual, unnerving swell of a thriller that takes its time crafting each superhuman element of its familiar yet expertly ominous approach to a film featuring kids with powers. It’s been a long time anything superpower related has felt this somber and spellbinding. **Full review:**