You can’t bury your past.

Comedy Crime Drama
English     7.87     2018     USA


A hit man from the Midwest moves to Los Angeles and gets caught up in the city's theatre arts scene.


meganxkwok wrote:
(Review only for s1) After watching the last episode of the season, I had this tingly feeling in my back of deja vu, and I spent a good fifteen minutes trying to find the source- which I found in the show “You”. Both shows depict this character trying to wash away their murderous tendencies and have a quote-unquote normal life, but failing at that at every turn. Barry, however, is significantly more… wholesome. There’s no stalking, he develops real connections with people, and at the heart of it, the show is a comedy. (It’s easy to tell Bill Harder came from comedy backgrounds) Not only that but the cinematography is absolutely supreme. I came into the show knowing Bill Harder had studied film but it’s so evident- ESPECIALLY with the cold opens and the scenes where Barry’s PTSD are shown. Anyways, 10/10. Watch it, I’m begging you. It’s so funny, it’s so emotional, and it’s just a perfect show.