As the earth needs water, only the soul can be nourished by love

85 min     0.8     2016     Philippines


A young woman by the name of Dalisay, known as Daly, lives in a small hamlet in the Filipino countryside. She’s an observant, smart and intelligent girl who through an unfortunate accident lost both her father and mother. Her older sister Anne works in a nearby city as a waitress in a restaurant. Her modest income allows for both of them to live sparingly. Every day Daly passes in front of the Sari Sari or general store owned by Nida, a woman that lives not far from her. Nida is an artist, and a solitary never-been-married artist. Daly, hungry for knowledge, often spends time with Nida, the older woman feeding the natural curiosity of the girl. Nida ultimately teaches Daly what higher love is and how the rhythm of nature affects each of our souls.