Somewhere Between

ITV Studios America

Crime Drama
English     6.5     2017     Canada


Laura Price, a local news producer in San Francisco, is helping the police to hunt down a serial killer. After the killer strikes close to home, a twist of fate allows a “Groundhog Day”-type reset, and Laura relives the week prior to the string of murders. Can she change fate and stop the killer?


5rJoud wrote:
**Groundhog day with crappy actors** The lead in this show is a cross between J-Lo and Halle Berry, who when she was starring in "Precious" had charisma, but lost all that with age. Unfortunately everybody else seems to be cast around her. Great pains were taken to have nobody in the show outshine her, couple that with the mediocre script and you find the whole thing a borefest. I get that if you have a groundhog series you probably want to stretch it out as long you can to avoid repetition, but without production value, without decent actors or script you need to make the story-telling blazing fast, or you will end up with this garbage. "Dark Matter" is a good example of that, weird looking actors with no screen presence, abysmal CGI and action due to lack of funds, and yet it is good fun to watch. And all it does is copy the Star Trek universe and pick up the pace. So if you copy something, make sure you do it right. This one doesn't. 25 July 2017 I am migrating my reviews from a different site which has become simply garbage. TMDB looks awesome and I look forward to be a part of it.