Homaye saadat

Aryana Film

Drama Romance
147 min     0     1971     India


The film is based in Tehran, Iran. The lead character, Aarun falls in love with a beautiful dancer Shirin. Due to her dubious profession, Aarun and his brother Naseer decide to lie about her origins to their mother. Unfortunately, she finds out the truth and forbids Shirin from marrying her son. Aarun, believing Shirin has changed her mind and refused to marry him, is angered and marries another woman, Nazneen. Only Naseer knows the truth of why Shirin refused to marry Aarun. Years later, Aarun and Nazneen's son, Romil, becomes best friends with a fatherless boy, Razzaq, who invites Aarun to his home. When Aarun goes to his house, he finds out that Razzaq is his and Shirin's own son. Following the death of Nazneen, Aarun finally manages to convince his mother to accept Razzaq as her grandson, and Shirin as his wife.