Nýtt Líf ehf.

Comedy Drama
93 min     6.8     1989     Iceland


Magnús is a 45-year-old lawyer, whose routine is upset by the personal news that he is suffering from cancer. This causes Magnús to stop and think about himself, his life and his family. If his life is going to end sooner than he expected, he wants to know how much it's been worth to him. Has life been worth living? Is it worth fighting for; is it worth a struggle against death? He takes a look at his family, a group of ordinary people, who are the colourful heroes of everyday life, struggling along in a world far removed from the world of high finance, power politics and international intrigues, but yet to them their lives are lives of high adventure. Those adventures, from the sublime to the ridiculous, form the storyline of the film, told against the background of Magnús' dilemma.