I Am Sam

Love is all you need.

132 min     7.568     2001     USA


Sam, a neurodivergent man, has a daughter with a homeless woman who abandons them when they leave the hospital, leaving Sam to raise Lucy on his own. But as Lucy grows up, Sam's limitations as a parent start to become a problem and the authorities take her away. Sam convinces high-priced lawyer Rita to take his case pro bono and in turn teaches her the value of love and family.


Key-Si wrote:
"I Am Sam" is one of those movies, that touch you right where it matters and if this movie is not becoming an absoute classic, this world must be full of morons. Sean Penn plays the role of his life and he is way more impressive than Dustin Hoffman in "Rain Man". And that performance already can be considered flawless. Also very impressive is little Dakota Fanning in her role as Lucy and one of the best child performances ever brought to screen. And even after the movie is over it will stay with you for a long time and will get you thinking on what side you would actually be if this case would be happening around you. Would you ignore all logic and just decide by your heart or does the common sense weigh strong enough to side with the court and child services pointing out that little Lucy needs a secure surrounding with capable parents who can provide security and mature advice? Anyhow, this movie is incredible and I wouldn't change a single thing.